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What’s the Difference Between Hired-in and Owned Plant Insurance? As one of the UK’s leading independent plant insurance brokers, we get asked all manner of questions about plant insurance.  One of the most common, however, is what is the difference between hired-in and owned plant insurance.  In this blog, we’ll answer that question once and … Read more

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BT has decided to close BT Redcare on the 1st of August 2025, a decision that could have significant insurance implications for around 100,000 UK buildings insurance policyholders. The decision by the UK’s largest remote monitoring provider will mean thousands of people must find an alternative solution to ensure their property insurance isn’t invalidated. What … Read more

The main reason for getting your sums insured right is because of the possibility of underinsurance. Most insurance policies will have an underinsurance clause called ‘average’. This means that if you make a claim and your sums insured are too low, the amount you are paid can be proportionally reduced. Rob Creedon, Managing Director of … Read more

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No matter what sort of motor trade business you’re running – be it a car dealership, body shop, service and repair garage or an MOT station – you’ll want to keep your costs down.  Motor trade insurance is one of your business’s biggest costs, so it’s worth spending a little time to find out how you can get cheaper motor trade … Read more


In 2022, a Sedgwick survey* estimated that 80% of UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were underinsured.  That means over 3.4 million UK SMEs don’t have the insurance protection they need and could face significant financial problems should they need to make a claim. This Business Underinsurance Guide explains what business underinsurance is, the potential … Read more

Professional indemnity insurance – or PI insurance as it’s also known – is one of the most useful but least understood of all insurance covers.  In this guide to professional indemnity insurance, we’ll explain what PI insurance is, how it can help protect your business financially, and give you some tips on saving on your … Read more


If you own a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), it’s important you have the right business insurance in place to suit your needs.  Small businesses can face a wide range of risks, some of which aren’t immediately obvious.   To help ensure your business has the protection it needs, we created Jensten Insurance Brokers’ Guide to … Read more

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Cyber attacks on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are on the rise in the UK.  Research from Hiscox has revealed that 53% of businesses suffered a cyber attack in 2023, up from 38% in 2022.  With the government putting the average cost of a successful cyber attack at £15,300, this is a potentially costly as … Read more

New survey data from Rebuild Cost Assessment has revealed that 80% of UK properties are underinsured.  Potentially even more worrying is the fact that those properties that are underinsured are only covered for 68% of their total value.   Property insurance now affects over £340bn of UK property, leaving tens of thousands of property owners at … Read more

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The Jensten Group has embarked upon a significant transformation programme across the business which will see the Group simplify its corporate structure, systems and brands. The restructure will see the business rationalise over a period of time into five key trading divisions with the introduction of four new brands over the next few months; Jensten … Read more

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No Quibble Insurance has been targeting people in the UK and falsely using the details of Tasker Insurance Brokers, now known as Jensten Insurance Brokers. Jensten has no association with No Quibble Insurance. No Quibble are a clone company and have been using two websites and associated email addresses. The FCA said: “Fraudsters may use … Read more