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Surveyors Insurance

Our Financial Professions team can arrange a suitable Surveyors Insurance programme to include Surveyors Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover your professional activities, including Cyber Insurance, Directors and officers and/or Management Liability, Office Insurance and Business Travel for your business risks.

Surveyors Insurance for large and small practices.

Professional Indemnity insurance is perhaps the most critical component of any surveyor insurance programme for surveyors who produce reports, assessments, recommendations, or valuations, along with helping clients with funding applications. 

Whether you’re a building surveyor who provides expert construction advice for historic buildings or you help manage the costs and development of new properties as a quantity surveyor, it’s only right that you ensure your business is suitably protected. 

Your Professional indemnity (PI) Insurance will protect your business if a client alleges negligent acts, errors/omissions/actual negligent acts or offered poor advice whilst performing your services or ‘Duty of Care’.  

We work with our Surveyors to understand their business, the type and mix of instructions, their professional qualifications, partners and Directors, claims history and the regulatory bodies and membership organisations they belong to – all of which create a risk profile of your practice, which simultaneously informing us of any minimum terms of conditions placed upon you by your regulatory body. 

For example, if you are a RICS chartered surveyor, you must hold a minimum level of cover as a condition of your chartered status. 

So we can provide you with the most appropriate insurance solutions available. 

Need Surveyors Insurance?

For comprehensive Surveyors Insurance

What does Surveyors Insurance cover?

We can arrange for insurance for surveyors to include: 

Business Travel and Personal Accident Insurance

Business travel and personal accident insurance can cover unexpected travel expenses, business equipment and medical expenses if you or an employee are permanently injured or killed in an accident.

Cyber Insurance

A cyber insurance policy helps pay for financial losses they may incur in the event of a cyberattack or data breach. It can cover costs related to the remediation process, such as paying for the investigation, crisis communication, legal services, and refunds to customers.

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

D&O insurance reimburses the defense costs incurred by board members, managers, and employees in defending against claims made by shareholders or third parties for alleged wrongdoing. D&O insurance also covers monetary damages, settlements, and awards resulting from such claims.

Fidelity Insurance

Fidelity insurance covers losses sustained by the employer as a result of an act of forgery, fraud or dishonesty from an employee.

Management Liability Insurance

Management liability insurance covers your business & people: directors & officers insurance, employment practice liability & corporate legal liability.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance protects businesses from compensation claims from third parties as a result of a motor accident. These third party claims could be in the form of financial compensation for injury or property damage for a third party.

Office Insurance

Office insurance may include cover for structural faults, damage or loss to office furniture and property, plus public and employer liability.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Commonly known as PI insurance, offers financial protection should a client sue you if you give poor advice or do something that results in financial or reputational losses.

Trustee Liability Insurance

Trustee liability insurance is designed to protect the trustees, directors, governors, committee members and officers of a charity, club, association or not-for-profit organisation.

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Need Surveyors Insurance?

For comprehensive Surveyors Insurance

Surveyors Insurance

This is one of the more complex areas of cover, so to help you get the protection you need, here are our surveyors insurance frequently asked questions. We hope they will help, but if you’d like some independent advice, please call us on 0190 395 3500 and we’ll be only too happy to help.

Surveyors Insurance can include cover for claims made against you by a client or third party that alleges negligence, a breach of trust or confidentiality, or defamation from the professional risks that your practice faces. 

Adding in additional insurance coverage, for example, cyber insurance can cover the risks to your business that fall outside of your professional activities.  

The other insurance you need will be based on your circumstances. 

Looking to close your business, then you may need Run Off Cover. 

If the Limit of indemnity needs to increase, then you need Excess Layer Insurance. 

Do you need to cover past works, then we can work with you to put a Retroactive Date on your PI Cover? 

If you have employees, you will need Employers Liability Insurance. 

Do you have equipment that needs protecting? Then an Office Insurance policy can provide cover for your furniture, IT equipment, technical surveying equipment. 

If you don’t want to be personally liable as a Director, a Directors’ and Officers’ insurance policy covers your defence costs and any compensation you must pay. 

Yes – it is essential that you secure ‘run-off’ cover for your previous practice after you cease to practise. This is to cover you for claims for work done while in practice but arising after the practice ceased. This requirement is in your own interests whether you think you might have a claim in future or not. 

We can, yes. Some survey and valuation work is deemed a bit riskier than other types of surveying work, so we will need a chat through your work and who you do it for. It may also mean your premium is a bit higher. 

Since the 2008 financial crash, many properties have been sold at a loss. Mortgage providers looked to recoup their losses and looked to inaccurate valuation and, therefore, surveyors. 

That’s why insurers like to look at all the facts before offering cover for valuation work, even if you no longer do it. And that’s why we’ll ask you for more details about your work first. 

Surveying insurance is suitable for: 

  • Building surveyors 
  • Quantity surveyors 
  • Land surveyors 
  • Environmental surveyors 
  • Rural Practice surveyors 
  • Party wall surveyors 
  • Planning and development surveyors 
  • Valuation surveyors 
  • Commercial surveyors
  • General surveyors
  • Independent surveyors 
  • Surveying companies 

Depending on the type of valuations being done or the lenders you work for, some surveying practices can be seen to have a lower risk profile.