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Insurance for Marketing and Media Businesses

Personalised insurance for marketing, creative and media businesses – whether you’re a freelancer, agency or consultant.

Insurance for marketing and media professionals

An insurance programme for creative businesses in the marketing and media sectors can consist of many insurance policies that cover the risks inherent in the services you offer to clients or work you publish yourself and the separate dangers your business faces.

Your professional work is covered by a professional Indemnity Insurance policy related to the work you do for a client, and it can cover aspects of your business, too (but not all of your business). You can consider additional covers to protect other areas of your business where you are exposed to risk, including Cyber, Management Liability, Office, Crime, Motor Fleet, and Intellectual Property.

Whether you’re a freelance consultant or managing a marketing or media agency our brokers can advise you on the elements of cover you need and where you may find gaps in your existing insurance programme. They can arrange the appropriate cover to meet your needs.

Marketing and Media Insurance by business type

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Our clients range from freelance creatives to agencies and consultants across a broad range of creative sectors.

  • Marketing and Digital Consultants
  • Publishing
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Agencies
  • Freelance Marketing Consultants
  • Writesure Freelance Authors

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Marketing and Media Insurance

This is one of the more complex insurance areas, so to help you get the protection you need, here are our Media and Marketing Insurance frequently asked questions. We hope they will help, but if you’d like some independent advice, please call us on 0190 395 3500, and the team will be happy to help.

Whilst not an exhaustive list of cover or detailed cover summaries, some of the main covers you should consider are:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    This policy protects businesses that provide advice, design or consultancy services. It covers your business for any mistakes in the services you provide, contract disputes and IP infringement.
  • Media Liability Insurance
    Automatically can be included in professional indemnity policies, media liability is essential for marketing, advertising, media, PR and digital agencies to cover for negligence in media content and advertising, including websites, blogs and social media. It can cover claims arising from IP infringement, breach of confidentiality, right to privacy, and breach of comparative advertising regulations.
  • Cyber Insurance
    No business is immune to a security breach, even if you have the most secure security in place. More than half of the UK businesses suffered from a cyber-attack in 2019. Cyber Insurance ensures both your data, and your liability for client data, are protected.
  • Public Liability Insurance
    Relevant for most businesses, public liability insurance covers claims to do with physical damage or injury to anyone or anything that doesn’t involve an employee.
  • Employers’ Liability
    If you have employees, Employers’ Liability Insurance is a legal requirement. Not having it could result in a £2,500 fine for every day you don’t have it.
  • Directors’ and Officers’
    Also known as Management Liability Insurance, D&O Insurance covers your directors or management team against negligence claims from employees, the public or investors.