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Roofers Insurance

Get Roofing Public Liability insurance through Jensten Insurance Brokers.

What is Roofers Insurance?

Roofing Public Liability Insurance, or Roofers Insurance, protects people who repair or reroof buildings for a living.  A flexible form of insurance, it can give you important covers, such as: 

  • Public Liability Insurance. 
  • Tools Insurance. 
  • Accident or Accidental Death Insurance. 
  • Product Liability Insurance. 
  • Legal Expenses Cover. 

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What does Roofers Insurance cover?

A Roofers Insurance quote from Jensten Insurance Brokers can be tailored to your needs and offer comprehensive protection on a single policy, giving you the following important covers: 

Contract Works

This covers the value of the work being carried out prior to completion of the contract. It insures the works against accidental loss, damage, or destruction.

Employers’ Liability Insurance (EL insurance)

EL – is a legal requirement if you have any staff, full-time, part-time or contracted. EL insurance protects employers’ from compensation claims from their employees should a claim be made against them for loss or injury at work. Your policy must have a minimum of £5m cover, with £10m being the industry standard.

Owned and hired in plant insurance

should any plant equipment you own or hire be lost, stolen, or damaged, this can cover replacement/ongoing hire fees.

Product Liability Insurance

If products you use or recommend cause damage or harm, you can face claims for compensation. Product liability insurance will cover any pay-outs should a claim prove successful.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects you if a member of the public suffers an injury or if any of their property is damaged because of your business. It can cover legal costs and any compensation claims, if your business is found to be at fault.

Tools in Transit

Which protects things like tools and mobile testing equipment from loss, damage, or theft while they are being moved – an ideal cover for mobile mechanics.

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How to save on Roofers Insurance

At Jensten Insurance Brokers, we’re committed to finding our clients a great deal on quality cover.  Having provided many, many roofers insurance quotes, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to save money on your cover, including: 

  1. Get some independent advice – this is a specialist area of insurance – especially if you’re working at above 15m or use heat – so it pays to get some independent advice.
  2. Shop around – or better still, get an independent broker such as Jensten Insurance Brokers to do the shopping around for you.  With our specialist knowledge and insurer contacts, we can help you get the right cover at the right price.  To get a quote, call us on 0808 239 3350, request a callback or start your insurance quote today.
  3. Health and safety – ensure the business has robust Health and Safety protocols including a Health and Safety policy which is regularly reviewed and discussed with employees.  Also, make sure you carry out adequate risk assessments where required.
  4. Join trade bodies – membership of accredited trade bodies, such as the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, can help reduce premiums due to the legislation, laws, and standards members that you need to adhere to. 

Why get Roofers Insurance Jensten Insurance Brokers?

As well as flexible, quality cover, Roofers Insurance through Jensten Insurance Brokers offers you the following benefits: 

  • Independent advice from a team of specialists. 
  • Cover for a range of businesses. 
  • Protection that’s tailored to your needs. 
  • Service from quote to claim. 

For some tailored insurance help, please contact the Jensten Motor Trade team today or call them on 0208 298 2100.

Need Roofers Insurance?

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Roofers Insurance

Roofers Insurance can be a complex area of cover, so to help you get the protection you need, here are our roofing Public Liability Insurance frequently asked questions.  We hope they are of use, but if you’d like some independent advice, please call us on 0808 239 3350, and the team will be happy to help.

As we’ll create your cover around you and your business, and given the different cover options on offer, there’s no simple answer to that question.  What we can say is that your roofer insurance quote will be based on factors such as: 

  • The size of your business. 
  • Whether you have any employees. 
  • Your claims history. 
  • The value of your equipment. 
  • Whether you are working with heat. 
  • Whether you need cover for working above 15m in height. 
  • The specifics of your policy and which optional elements you choose. 
  • Whether you want to pay monthly or annually. 

If you’d like some help getting the roofing public liability insurance that’s right for you, please call us on 0808 239 3350 and our specialist team will be happy to help. 

If you have any employees, you will need Employers’ Liability Insurance of at least £5m.  While Public Liability Insurance may not be a legal requirement, some potential employers may insist on you having cover in place.   

That will depend on things like the size of your business, whether you have any employees, the height you are working at, the type of work you’re doing, where, and for whomFor a personalised insurance quote, please call us on 0808 239 3350, and the team will be happy to help.

Yes, but it’s vital that you inform us about this as early as possible to ensure it is disclosed before the insurance policy is made validOtherwise, you won’t be coveredIt is also important to note that cover for the use of heating methods is generally subject to proper handling/usage of the equipment. 

A standard policy will cover you to a height of 15m, but we can find policies that will allow you to work at greater heightsTo learn more, please call us on 0808 239 3350; the team will be happy to help.

Thanks to being able to work with a number of insurers, we can find cover for roofers working with everything from PVC and fibreglass to thatch, tile, and slate.

A range of businesses and individuals can benefit from the protection that roofers insurance brings, including: 

  • Roofers. 
  • Building firms that undertake roofing work. 
  • Construction firms that do roofing work as part of new builds.