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Safety First: A Beginner’s Guide to Health & Safety Law

What You Need To Know

Every employee is entitled to a work environment where health and safety risks are effectively managed. The essence of health and safety lies in preventing workplace injuries and work-related illnesses. While employers bear the primary responsibility for ensuring health and safety, it’s also crucial for employees to contribute to this effort.

What employers must do for you:

  1. Identify potential job hazards and the measures to prevent them.
  2. Clearly communicate how risks to you will be managed in an understandable manner and inform you who is responsible for this.
  3. Collaborate with you and your health and safety representatives to safeguard all individuals in the workplace.
  4. Offer the necessary health and safety training for your role at no cost.
  5. Supply any required safety gear and protective clothing without charge, as well as ensure their proper maintenance.
  6. Ensure the availability of restrooms, handwashing facilities, and drinking water.
  7. Maintain sufficient first-aid resources.
  8. Notify HSE’s Incident Contact Centre at 0345 300 9923 about serious workplace injuries or fatalities. Report other injuries, illnesses, and safety incidents at
  9. Provide insurance that protects you against injuries or illnesses resulting from work and display the insurance certificate prominently.
  10. Coordinate with other employers or contractors who share the workspace or supply workers to ensure collective health and safety.

What you must do:

  1. Utilise work equipment as per the training provided by your employer.
  2. Take reasonable care to ensure your safety and that of others.
  3. Work in collaboration with your employer to uphold health and safety standards.
  4. Report to an authority (be it your employer, supervisor, or health and safety representative) if you believe that the current work conditions or safety measures are compromising health and safety.

If there’s a problem:

  1. Discuss any health and safety concerns in your workplace with your employer, supervisor, or health and safety representative.
  2. For a broad overview of workplace health and safety, refer to the HSE’s official website:
  3. Should concerns persist after consulting with your employer, locate your local health and safety enforcement authority and the Employment Medical Advisory Service through the HSE’s official website.

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