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Concert Promoter Insurance

Concert Promoter Insurance can cover many risks that businesses may face. Jensten Insurance Brokers can advise on and arrange cover to help mitigate those risks.

What is Concert Promoter Insurance?

When creating a special event, like a concert, there are a number of liabilities that need to be accounted for to ensure that your financial risk is minimised.

That’s why our team of experts are on hand to help you get the ideal concert promotion insurance. With our help, we can detail the risks that may affect you as the promoter and how best to minimise these from impacting you in unforeseen circumstances.

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What does Concert Promoter Insurance cover?

Getting the correct policy can be tricky, as concert promotion can be so wide-ranging in scale. Factors like location, number of acts and estimated crowd size are just a few of the aspects that need to be understood to provide accurate coverage.

Some of the risks that you should consider include:


Cover for claims arising from cancellation and curtailment including various travel delay costs.

Employers’ Liability Insurance (EL insurance)

EL – is a legal requirement if you have any staff, full-time, part-time or contracted. EL insurance protects employers’ from compensation claims from their employees should a claim be made against them for loss or injury at work. Your policy must have a minimum of £5m cover, with £10m being the industry standard.

Non-Appearance Cover

Likely the first risk that comes to your head as a concert promoter. The success of your event is dependent on the booked acts arriving on time and able to perform. Reasons for acts not appearing can range from the uncontrollable, such as travel issues, all the way to a non-appearance that violates the agreed contract with yourself.

Property Damage Cover

Financial protection should someone accidentally have their property damaged as a result of your business’s actions.

Protection for Business Equipment and money

Covers for claims arising from stolen or damaged equipment and money.

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Which events can be covered by Concert Promoter Insurance?

As an industry that caters to a range of show sizes and venues, there are plenty of leisure events that may be covered under a concert event insurance policy. These include:

  • One-off music shows
  • A series, or tour, of concerts
  • Festivals
  • Shows
  • Club nights
  • Parties

Need Concert Promoter Insurance?

For comprehensive Concert Promoter Insurance

Concert Promoter Insurance

It’s important for you to get the right Concert Promoter Insurance.  To help you do that, here are our Concert Promoter Insurance frequently asked questions.  We hope they are of use, but if you’d like some independent advice, please call us on 0800 368 9018,and the team will be happy to help.

With our brokers, you can be confident in the fact that your claim will be dealt with in a respectful and efficient manner by our specialist team. Depending on the exact nature of your planned event, as well as the number of concerts planned, there is a range of ways we can arrange to mitigate the risk to you.

For more information on our concert promoter insurance, simply contact the Jensten team. Alternatively, you can request a call back here. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your policy needs and answer any questions you may have.