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Life Sciences Insurance

A suite of Life Science Insurance covers that compliment your business and its development stages, dovetailed to ensure you are appropriately protected.

Life Science Insurance is an important tool in your journey from start-up to commercial enterprise.

The UK’s health service, pharmaceutical, medical technology, and care anywhere service models are evolving at pace. It’s an exciting time though, as new technology supports the advancement of new therapies and ways of caring and educating in the UK, and overseas.

The speed of advancement does not mean you are immune to risk. In fact, you could argue that existing infrastructure, contractual complexity of investment and go-to-market strategies, and increased regulation give rise to the risks of R&D disasters, production delays, litigation, product contamination, jurisdiction or regulatory action, or device or drug failures.

To support this, our dedicated Life Science team have knowledge of insurance products that can accommodate a variety of Life Science businesses at start-up and R&D stages, through to clinical revenue-generating enterprises and those that are public, with the aim of mitigating the financial impact should a claim arise.

We can help you navigate through the differing cover restrictions to ensure the cover obtained is the most suitable for you and the stage your business is at.

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What does Life Sciences Insurance cover?

We can arrange tailored bespoke policies for our clients. That means we’ll dig deep into the details of your business, and deliver an insurance programme that’s suitable for your business and its stage of development.

Clinical Trials Insurance

Clinical trials cover shields you against your legal liability for injury to research subjects and damage to their property.

Cyber Insurance

A cyber insurance policy helps pay for financial losses they may incur in the event of a cyberattack or data breach. It can cover costs related to the remediation process, such as paying for the investigation, crisis communication, legal services, and refunds to customers.

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

D&O insurance reimburses the defense costs incurred by board members, managers, and employees in defending against claims made by shareholders or third parties for alleged wrongdoing. D&O insurance also covers monetary damages, settlements, and awards resulting from such claims.

Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual Property Insurance offers protection against alleged infringement by you or a third party of Intellectual Property (IP) rights, including patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets.

Product Liability Insurance

If products you use or recommend cause damage or harm, you can face claims for compensation. Product liability insurance will cover any pay-outs should a claim prove successful.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Commonly known as PI insurance, offers financial protection should a client sue you if you give poor advice or do something that results in financial or reputational losses.

Public liability insurance

If a member of the public is injured or their property damaged while on your premises, you can be held liable. Public liability insurance will protect you financially should you be sued for damages.

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What is the meaning of Life Science Insurance?

When creating a Life Science Insurance policy which covers your risks, we take the time to understand your business, where you are in your lifecycle and development stages and the type of work you are undertaking. It’s only then, can we advise you on the insurance covers you may need to ensure that your business has the suitable Life Science Insurance cover in place.

Our team specialises in solutions tailored to the unique perils faced in a variety of Life Science segments:

  • Medical product and equipment manufacture and distribution.
  • Medical devices and supply companies.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution.
  • Contract manufacturers.
  • Biotechnology companies.
  • Companies conducting clinical trials.
  • Laboratories and clinical research and development facilities.
  • Nutraceutical and food supplement companies.
  • Research parks.
  • Science accelerator platforms.

What does Life Science Insurance cover?

Life Science is a broad area which covers business in Pharma, Medical Devices, Wearable devices, Medical Tech, Clinical Trails, Research and Contract Manufacturing.

Across these industries your largest risks are typically product liability, professional indemnity and alleged intellectual property infringements, aside from the normal business risks of theft, employee issues and business interruption.

Life Science products and services are most often related to the health sector where a person could be injured or property damaged if your product is faulty or your advice is not up to scratch.

For some tailored insurance help, please contact the Jensten Motor Trade team today or call them on 0208 298 2100.

Need Life Sciences Insurance?

For comprehensive Life Sciences Insurance

Life Sciences Insurance

Life Science Insurance protects companies involved in the research and development of health, pharmaceutical and medical related products and services. Think MedTech insurance, pharmaceutical insurance or insurance for clinical trials.

Life science business may be complicated, and but depending on where you are in your development will determine your risk exposure and therefore the insurance covers appropriate to your business.

Appropriate Life Science Insurance is a modular programme that moves and grows as your business develops. That is why you need a Life Science Insurance broker that understands your business and the stages of growth, so you have a planned insurance programme that keeps pace.

A core set of tailored products would include professional Indemnity, Public and Employees Liability, Office and Contents Insurance, and possibly Product Liability.

You can then add on additional products to include:

  • Product Liability Insurance.
  • Medical Device Insurance.
  • Clinical Trials Insurance.
  • Medical Device Manufacturing and Distributor.
  • R&D for Start-Up Organisations.
  • Intellectual Property Insurance.

Jurisdictional issues can cause problems if your insurance covers are arranged on the incorrect basis.

Our Life Science brokers will work with you to understand your business and customers, the development cycle of your products and services, and your go to market strategy so your insurance programme is developed on the correct basis and responds when you need it.