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Café Insurance

Protect your business with Café Insurance through Jensten Insurance Brokers

What is Cafe Insurance?

Café Insurance is a specialist cover designed to give café owners the financial protection their business needs.  A flexible form of insurance, it can give you important covers, such as: 

  • Public liability protection
  • Loss of money cover
  • Buildings insurance
  • Stock cover
  • Loss of licence insurance

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What does Café Insurance cover?

A Café Insurance quote from Jensten Insurance Brokers can be tailored to your needs and offer comprehensive protection on a single policy.  So, whether you’re running a café, coffee shop, or takeaway, Café Insurance can offer you the following important covers: 

Buildings and Contents Insurance

If you own the premises on which you operate then buildings cover is essential and provides cover for an insured event. Contents coverage is also important and will help protect expensive equipment if a similar insured event occurs. Depending on your business we may also recommend separate stock insurance to cover damage to goods stored on-site for sale.

Business Contents

Including your stock, computers, phones, and other business equipment.

Business Interruption Insurance

When damage or unforeseen events do occur the financial strain on your business can be significant. Damages caused by fire, flood and even accidental incidents can prove a basis for cover under business interruption insurance, our experts will work with you to understand the most likely risks and provide adequate coverage.

Business premises cover

If you’re trading from premises – be it a forecourt, yard or compound – you’ll want to have them protected. If your premises were damaged or destroyed, business premises insurance would cover the cost of repairs or a rebuild.

Café Stock Insurance

From ingredients to finished products, it’s likely that your café will have a quantity of stock.  Having a stock insurance element to your policy means that if your stock is lost, damaged, or stolen, you’ll be covered.  We can even increase your level of stock insurance for busy times of year, such as Christmas or the summer holidays.

Employers’ Liability Insurance (EL insurance)

EL – is a legal requirement if you have any staff, full-time, part-time or contracted. EL insurance protects employers’ from compensation claims from their employees should a claim be made against them for loss or injury at work. Your policy must have a minimum of £5m cover, with £10m being the industry standard.

Goods in Transit Insurance

Goods in transit (GIT) insurance offers protection if you or your customer’s property or goods are lost, damaged or stolen while they’re being moved from one place to another. For example, when they’re being transported from a factory or workshop to a retail outlet, business premises or private property.

Loss of Premises License

A premises licence is a permanent licence granted for a specific location, that authorises the holder to sell alcohol. As a business that benefits from an alcohol licence, the council could revoke this due to circumstances beyond your control, for example, crime and disorder. Loss of premises licence cover can provide assistance in defending a decision to remove or revoke your licence and cover the loss in depreciation in the value of your building should it lose its licence.


Your policy can provide you with the cover for the theft of any business or personal money from your premises, and it also extends family members who permanently live with you at the property.

Product Liability Insurance

If products you use or recommend cause damage or harm, you can face claims for compensation. Product liability insurance will cover any pay-outs should a claim prove successful.

Public liability insurance

If a member of the public is injured or their property damaged while on your premises, you can be held liable. Public liability insurance will protect you financially should you be sued for damages.

Shop Front Insurance

Can protect your shop front from damage costs, like repairing a broken door or window or having graffiti removed.

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Who needs Café Insurance?

Thanks to our flexible approach to our clients, we can offer Café Insurance quotes for a range of outlets, including:

  • Cafés
  • Sandwich shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Delicatessens
  • Takeaways
  • Diners and burger bars 
  • Pop-up food stands and street food stands

How much does Café Insurance cost

As we’ll create your cover around you and your business, there’s no simple answer to that question.  What we can say is that your Café Insurance quote will be based on factors such as: 

  • Your postcode
  • If you own your premises
  • Whether you have any employees
  • Your turnover
  • The value of your stock and equipment
  • Whether you do deliveries / outside catering 
  • The type of food you serve – if you’re deep-frying food, that can have a bearing on your premiums
  • Your claims history

For some tailored insurance help, please contact the Jensten Motor Trade team today or call them on 0208 298 2100.

Need Café Insurance?

For comprehensive Café Insurance

Café Insurance

Café Insurance can be complex, so to help you get the cover you need, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about it.  

Is Café Insurance a legal requirement?

A. No, but Employers’ Liability Insurance is a legal requirement if you have employees. 

A. That will depend on factors such as the size of your business, where it is, your claims history, and whether you have staffIf you’d like to know or would like a Café Insurance quote, then please contact us.

A. Despite the name, Café Insurance can protect a wide range of businesses, from cafés and sandwich shops to restaurants and pop-up food stands, and street food stands. If you’d like some advice as to whether Café Insurance is right for you, please call us on 0800 368 9018. 

A. If you’d like some Café Insurance help, please give us a call on 0800 368 9018Our friendly team will be happy to help you get the protection you need and offer you a Café Insurance quote.