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Transactional Risks Insurance

Insurance for your Transactional Risks has become a valuable risk management tool when looking to minimise the impact on your bottom line.

Bonds and Guarantees for Transactional Risks

Our dedicated Financial Professions (FinPro) team has specialist knowledge of insurance products that can accommodate a variety of Transactional Risks that you may face in the course of your activities. 

Whether you’re undertaking M&A activity, involved in the tendering process of large construction projects, or have a history of bad debtors, there are a variety of different insurance products that can cater for the contractual liability.

The aim of insurance for Transactional Risks is to minimise the impact on your bottom line, and our clients appreciate our knowledge in this area; we are specialists and not generalists in this regard.

We can help you navigate through the differing cover restrictions to ensure the cover obtained is the most suitable for you, your business and your activities.

Transactional Risks Insurance by business type

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Insurance for your Transactional Risks?

Our Financial Professions team are here to help

Transactional Risks Insurance

Transactional Risks is a broad range of insurance covers that cover a variety of business, projects and M&A activity. Typically, when you are looking for Transactional Risk Insurance you are looking for:

  • Performance Bonds Insurance
  • Warranty and Indemnity Insurance
  • Indemnity for tax, legal and pensions contingencies
  • Contingent Liability
  • Credit Insurance

The level of transactional risk is different from business to business.

For example, credit insurance for a bad debtor has a very different risk profile compared to a multi-million pound construction project or an acquisition.

We can help you determine what kind of risks are involved in making transactions across a large scale, whether it involves foreign currency exposure, interest rates, or other determining factors that could impact the end deal.

The key is to monitor your risks on a regular basis. This makes it easier to measure their potential impact on the business.

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